God Has GREAT Plans for You!

God Has GREAT Plans for You!

Are you ready for more meaning-full living?  You were created to do great thing; to make a difference in this world. Only  you have your unique combination of experiences, skills, talents and gifts.  How you choose to use these to best serve God and to benefit other prople will directly determine your level of happiness and personal success.  

This short, easy-to-read book can help you, a family member or friend determine what type of work, vocation or calling God may be drawing you toward - a calling that you can remain passionate about for the rest of your life!

  • Learn more about yourself and what motivates you
  • Find out how to become the best person God wants you to be!
  • Add more meaning to your studies work or family life
  • Increase your joy, fulfillment, and peace of mind
  • Discover what you were meant to do with your time and life
  • Gain encouragement, inspiration, and answers for joyful daily living
  • Attract others with enthusiasm and clarity of purpose.
Joseph M. Tabers, CSP is an award-winning speaker, business leadership coach and Christian author. He has worked with thousands of audiences over a 30-year span. His message is simple yet needed, "We serve and lead others more effectively with selflessness."  In this engaging easy-to-read book, Joe shares with young and mature adults several powerful, practical approaches they can use to help discern, recognize and follow their heart's calling - a calling about which they can remain passionate.
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