Protect Yourself at College: Smart Choices--Safe Results


After the horrific Virginia Tech massacre in April 2007, all of us are now aware of the major disasters that can strike our students at college. But each year more than 500,000 college students become victims of crimes and accidents that rarely get reported in the media.Protect Yourself at College College is based on three years of extensive research and interviews with college and security officials. It provides parents with a vital tool to give their students as they pack up for school. School administrators will want to hand out this book to each student entering the freshman class. It covers everything from dorm safety to binge drinking, from spring break concerns to date rape, from walking the campus to keeping your computer safe, from fraternity hazing to taking the bus. Every chapter includes real-life examples and a checklist of safety suggestions and prevention measures that will ensure students do no become a crime statistic.REVIEWS If you want your kids to be safer at college, read this book. It's probably things they should already know but will forget the day they arrive on campus. Help them remember with information from Protect Yourself at College. --Joseph Newport, Assiciate Director Public Safety, Indiana State UniversityThe stories and precautions suggested throughout this book can aid in reducing the risk of a student becoming a victim of a crime or an accident. --Thomas R. King, Chief of Police, State College, PA

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